• Tah-Chin
  • Bagheli Polo
  • Cutlet
  • Jooje Kebob

We came up with the idea of providing homemade food a while ago when we heard our friends, who work for big companies at Bay Area, complaining about the quality of their lunch and since they are in a real time crunch, they need to grab something quick.

"Oh My Gosh! Fast Food again! I wished I could be somewhere away from all these fast food restaurants for at least six months!"
"Hey Buddy, How about pizza for lunch?
Do we have another choice? It's better than greasy sandwiches."

"I don't know why I keep gaining weight though I eat small portions. I guess it's because of all the fast food I have for lunch everyday."
"I wish I could go and eat homemade food everyday. Like good old days with Mommy's meal."

Well, we developed the idea and decided to bring back Mommy's meal for you.
Mommy's Meal

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